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Phishing – new year , old threats

they go Phishing on . nice try Admin <>; Your Mailbox Has Exceeded It Quota/Limit As Set By Your Administration, And You May Not Be Able To Send Or Receive New Mails Until You Re-Validate It. To Re-Validate, Please CLICK: Re-Validate Your Mailbox


yahoo scam

Mouse over on the ‘from address’ is always a good idea. Never be fooled by such emails.. In this case, the scammers email address for transmission is revealed. Seems it’s the season for scams.. watch out !!!

screenshot.1417781196Of course another clue is the daft web location where the scam is hosted . .eg :


yahoo – keeps asking me to change password

Why does yahoo keep asking me to change my password?

to stop it, you need to go to the yahoo password recovery screen at


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