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chkdsk : Windows XP Embedded

Always good to see Microsoft in the news, for the wrong reasons. Came across this one today..  The local Tesco self scan machine decided to put itself into a ‘chkdisk‘ routine.  Just love the ‘Entering Maintenance mode‘ message that windows XP Embedded DOES not give..  just the old classic blue background from yesteryear..


life after Windows XP (win5)

Now which bit of XP is End of Life do people not understand ?      .. and trying to run 10 year old software on 10 year old hardware using internet explorer 8 ..    Good luck.

IMHO  – about all Windows XP is good for is a/ an OS for POS terminals  and b/ for retro gamers and console. How to test for it ?  start/run/winver  Oh BTW.  windows XP was first released Aug 2001, and ‘Internet Explorer 8’ was released March 2009.


Happy to discuss your upgrade path.. understood …  any questions  .. let me know.


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