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Failure configuring windows updates

Failure configuring windows updates undoing changes don’t turn off you computer..   customer had this error on their windows 8.1  for months. Fixed in 45mins by clearing update cache.


windows updates / page not responding

Google returns about 33,000000 pages regarding to ‘Page not Responding‘  and over 97,000000 regarding ‘Windows Updates‘.

Please read them before asking me of the problem. Sorry,  which bit did you not understand ?    #uselinux or suffer M$



Windows updates.. yawn

Windows updates. we know you love them, not … Why do people still use windoze ??

IMG_20150216_183058 IMG_20150216_184053

Configuring Windows updates. do not turn of your computer or something rearly bad will will happen..

IMG_20150215_094941  IMG_20150214_170724Told you.. now smartarse – you have to start again LOL. Failure configuiring windows updates, reverting changes. do not turn off your brain


another bad vista.

New for 2014..  Can’t be bothered or to lazy todo updates on your Microsoft Windows laptop or PC ?  Well now only £50 an hour if I have to watch this on your behalf..  that’s fair  Isn’t it..  


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