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Something went wrong

“We are sorry, we weren’t able to do that” Adding an email account to a windows 10 system using their default email client..

What could be easier ?   not today…





Removing some of the evil windows 10 apps using Powershell running as Admin. ‘xbox’ proved to be a bit harder to kill    screenshot-1476143534

Next,  to cull some more bloatwear from Redmond, WA


Was going to make a script todo all that, however this seems to work from rsz_screenshot1476265020

Windows 10 – update hours

Want to make extra sure Windows 10 won’t install updates when you need your PC the most, ie before that payroll run or other  important tasks ,this is now possible ,  well once the huge ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update‘ ‘1607’  has installed,





sick of windows 10 splash screen ?

Customer was today. Simple fix.  Start, Run, msconfig, then check boot tab to disable GUI boot


Forcing Windows 10 download

A number of clients Toshiba laptops failed auto update. This microsoft link managed to eventually complete the process

 1.  this procedure, whilst simple, does take a long time, and does require some simple intervention..

2.  download the tool from this address.. SCROLL DOWN.. don’t select the first option which is UPGRADE.

3.  you will be prompted to download the ‘MediaCreationTool.exe which is 17.6mb..  Firewall and security may question this download, but it’s safe to ignore the warnings..

4. once downloaded, the file needs to be ‘run’ . It will be in the ‘downloads’ location on the system.

5. once run, it will download and verify contents..

6. eventually, you will be prompted for ‘what do you want to do’  Upgrade this PC now

7.  then it will be off.. Getting a few things ready, then the download will start. There will be some reboots and obvious questions to answer..  If any part of the procedure fails, it will roll back to windows 8.1

I have performed this operation on a number of systems with no problems.. good luck.. 

Windows 10 and the CPU extentions – PAE, NX and SSE2

Todays free advice – don’t try to load windows 10 on a system that does not have the above CPU extentions as systems without them are not supported, won’t work and will only waste your time..IMG_20150921_100804

In this instance, the DELL host was using an Intel Pentium T4300 chip.


windows 10

“Even machines four or five years old will meet the minimum specs ”  The hardware minimums are:

1. 1GHz CPU 2. 1GB for 32 bit version, 2GB for 64 bit 3. 16GB free disk space 4. DirectX 9 driver that is WDDM approved

2GB-plus download is Windows 10 so load time is slow


when completed, Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type cleanmgr to remove the 18gb of ‘old’ files

screenshot.1440954610windows 10 on floppy disk. i don’t think so . LOL



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