Smart TV Box

 Smart TV Box  with a Quad Core CPU . connects to your home internet and to your telly using the HDMI input..



  Supplied and setup  £100.00 – special Berkhamsted price.


order now for holidays !!

Google SEO

Penguin 4.0 update

Create and Submit

Tim and Standardise


IBM pc 1987

found this today – from a Fortran77 manual  of 1987

‘Today a personal computer, which costs less than $3000 and sits on a desk, has as much computational power as one that 10 years ago would of cost more than $100,000 and would fill a 9′ by 12’ room



Removing some of the evil windows 10 apps using Powershell running as Admin. ‘xbox’ proved to be a bit harder to kill    screenshot-1476143534

Next,  to cull some more bloatwear from Redmond, WA


Was going to make a script todo all that, however this seems to work from rsz_screenshot1476265020

Windows 10 – update hours

Want to make extra sure Windows 10 won’t install updates when you need your PC the most, ie before that payroll run or other  important tasks ,this is now possible ,  well once the huge ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update‘ ‘1607’  has installed,





sick of windows 10 splash screen ?

Customer was today. Simple fix.  Start, Run, msconfig, then check boot tab to disable GUI boot


Warning! low battery temperature!

Warning ! low battery temperature! spotted in August when it’s 22c outside.


chkdsk : Windows XP Embedded

Always good to see Microsoft in the news, for the wrong reasons. Came across this one today..  The local Tesco self scan machine decided to put itself into a ‘chkdisk‘ routine.  Just love the ‘Entering Maintenance mode‘ message that windows XP Embedded DOES not give..  just the old classic blue background from yesteryear..


Windows : out of memory

Windows out of memory. close programs to prevent information loss..

Large Media Library and Dropbox only apps running . 2GB physical memory is not enough



Not sure how it got there, but it did.  If you cannot see images that you expect to on an Android device, there is a fair chance that this said file is in the directory. Not sure how it get there, but it did . Removing it makes the images viewable.


A .nomedia file is a blank file placed inside a folder. When the media scanner detects the .nomedia file, the media scanner does not scan that folder so the images in that folder don’t appear in the Gallery app. It’s a good way of having a folder full of images (like a skin for an app) and not have those images appear in the Gallery app. You can place a .nomedia file in any folder but the filename must begin with a period.

Also, on a Linux system a “dotfile” (a file with a filename that begins with a period) is hidden from standard view, though most file managers have an option to allow viewing dotfiles. So the file is hidden from view and the images in that folder aren’t cataloged in the Gallery app

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