You can block app invites from specific friends from Privacy Settings » Manage Blocking » Block app invites, and you can block specific apps from Privacy Settings » Manage Blocking » Block apps. If you do not use any Facebook apps or games and want to block them all from seeing any of your information or sending you invites, you can turn off Facebook Platform completely by going to Privacy Settings » Apps, Games, and Websites and clicking Turn off all apps.

Platform is on.
If you turn Platform off you can’t use the Facebook integrations on third-party apps or websites. If you want to use these apps and websites with Facebook, turn Platform back on. Using Platform allows you to bring your Facebook experience to the other apps and websites you use on the web and to your mobile device and apps. It allows Facebook to receive information about your use of third-party apps and websites to provide you with better and more customised experiences. Learn more.
If you turn off Platform apps:
  • You will not be able to log into websites or applications using Facebook.
  • Your friends won’t be able to interact and share with you using apps and websites.
  • Instant personalisation will also be turned off.
  • Apps you’ve previously installed may still have info you shared. Please contact these apps for details on removing this data.

Accessing an application that requires #platform on will return this message,. you can then decide if you wish to re-enable ..

screenshot.23-02-2014 21.18.01

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